Friday, December 30, 2011

uh oh, bad Amy

So I think I am taking this "I only have two days left to eat crap" a little too far. Haven't cooked in two days. I'm about to eat pizza at 9pm at night and I am going to have a Coke with it. BAD AMY!!! I know I know! But I am seriously giving up fast food and pop for a whole year! ugh! I'm also going to only eat pizza once a month on my one day a week of eating out. I will call it my evil food day! Pizza has around 400 calories a slice. Holy crap batman that's horrible!!! (I know I am a giant nerd) I usually eat 4 slices. 1600 Calories in one meal. Add the pop and that is way over my daily allowance of calories. Well I am doing that tonight! Pizza may be scrumtrulecent but it is horrible for you! Papa Murphys has a delight pizza which is a lot better for you but you end up eating more to get full because its so thin. Anyways this is just a quick ramble of how bad I am being tonight. And tomorrow is New years eve! Lots of calories in liquor...I will just have to drink water after midnight :-) If I stop fast food and pop and the world comes to an end around the end of 2012 and I lose a bunch of weight I am just going to be really pissed off....just sayin'



  1. I made a cake tonight and ate way more than I should have! My reasoning is I want all the crappy food out of the house quicker to get back on my super diet. :)

  2. I thought about the whole 'End Of The World' stuff to... that would be a major bummer to die sore and hungry. But anyways the countdown has begun... less then 8 hours to go before I start my journey :) Hope you have a Happy New Year!