Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aarons weight loss tips!

First and most importantly. Always keep moving. Crap I have already screwed that one up by sitting here blogging! lol! Anyways if your going to watch tv or sit at the computer limit yourself to a couple hours total a day. That mean if your big into television shows like me than your going to need to stand up and pace or something. Lol also sitting on a stability ball instead of a couch will force you to work your core instead of slouching on a couch. Keeping good posture can help you lose weight! My posture is craptacular! So I will start sitting on the ball! Spread out your two hrs throughout the day. If you have a show/shows you watch that day then save your hours for that. Get on the computer several separate times a day but make sure its no longer than 30 min at a time. If your obsessed with twitter like I am now than look at it on your phone while you pace! lol!

Second Aaron tip. Quit eating fast food!!! I quit for a year once. I felt so much better! But I have been doing horrible in the past few months because I have been so busy that it is just easier than cooking sometimes. I have gained 15lbs in 2 months just from eating out 2 times a week...that is horrible. You have no idea how much my brother lectures me about fast food. As of January first I am done with fast food. Ugh...now what do I eat when I don't feel like cooking? Well go to a restaurant that you can't drive through and get something. Only eat half of it! Save the rest for the next day. Huge key is portions. The first week you will feel ripped off that you are not full and you will feel like your starving. Your not. You will be just fine. Good tip is to ask for your togo container at the restaurant right after you get your food. Scoop out half into the to go container and force yourself not to open it till the next day! Keep in mind I am mixing my brothers advise with some of my own. I lost 40lbs about 8 years ago from some of these tips I am giving. But the not eating fast food is my brothers biggest tip! He won't touch it. Mainly because he thinks that all the food is fake. Probably true but it tastes good...but if you check the calorie content on that crap its horrible.

Cut down your pop/soda (its pop for argument sake) Only have 1 a week! ONE! You can lose 10lbs just from not drinking pop. Start drinking it again...here comes that 10lbs back!

Walk, Walk, Walk!!!!!! That's how Aaron loses most of his weight. That man doesn't run or ride a bike he walks everywhere. I am going to have my husband drop me off about a mile or more away from home and walk the rest of the way. I live in Oregon so I might get wet....but owell! If you don't like walking outside in the rain. Go to the mall. Get there early with the old ladies walking the mall. I've done it. Its quiet and I just walked back and forth. I might look crazy but who gives a spit! I don't. Stop caring what people think of you. Lose weight because you will feel so much better about yourself and you will have so much more energy!

Stop getting crazy coffee drinks! Aaron lost a ton from not getting latte's and Mochas anymore. he gets coffee black with 1-2 sugars. No creamer. This one is easier for me because I LOVE black coffee. I don't even put the sugars in mine. The hardest part for some people is the no creamer. If your going to only put one little packet in. Try to drink it black, u will get used to it. Black coffee boost your metabolism! Drink it all day long if you want and you will lose and lose! if its black... I like iced black coffee! My favorite! Green tea is also awesome for you and your metabolism. You have to find ways to boost your metabolism especially if your over 27 because it has slowed down so much. That's why a lot of people don't get results till after a few weeks.

Don't expect to lose like they do on the biggest loser. They workout like over 5 hrs a day! I would be super skinny if I did that! It will take time! DON'T give up!

I have a lot more tips I will give you later....but heres a recap

*keep moving!!! Only sit a couple hours a day!
*NO FAST FOOD! Except subway but I am not a fan...
*1 pop a week! pop pop pop 1. Not A giant big gulp either! A 20oz or a glass at a restaurant.
*Walk, Walk, Walk
*black coffee!!! Or green tea! If you go to starbucks get an iced green tea with two pumps. It is amazing! Has a little bit of sugar but way better than creamer! Or iced black tea two pumps is good too.
*Almost forgot. Pick ONE day a week to eat whatever you want. Even the horrid fast food. Stick to only that One day! When you want to cheat think about that one day! Don't overstuff that one day but eat whatever you want as long as your not overfilling your belly!

More tips tomorrow!


  1. Yes yes yes yes amy u have the tools to succed at one point in my life I weighed 489 lbs its ben 4 years I now wiegh 258 I'm still big but with the lifestyle changes I have made over the past years I continue to loose (hospital food is surprisingly healthy) during my last hospitlizatin I lost like water soda was o so so so so so hard for me I will not lie I cheat once in a while mnt dew will always be my sweetest sin but 2 a month if that fast food surisingly wasn't so hard I can not cook and before Illness I lived alone and in my career I was always on the go so the convinance is to what got me after finaly my bestfriend moved in with me he is one hell of a chef and i freaking love his food he prefers all organic and that's when the lbs really started to shed I will not lie its a lot of work and there are days u just want to say. F**k it but don't a year from now u will be so shocked at how far you have come if u ever need to talk my twitter name is the same shown above u can do this!

  2. great tips. I work at an office job so I sit most of my day, but the idea about using the workout balls is a great one! Thanks! Best of luck with your goals, I look forward to following your progress. I myself am doing something similar, it's going to be tough but worth it.

  3. so amy is there any specific foods that i should eat ive cut out sugar and eating past 7pm. But is there any other foods that would be good??