Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week 2...

First I want to apologize for not writing very frequently...I have been crazy busy the past week. So here we go! Trying to find time to exercise when being so busy has been a major challenge for me. So I didn't. I decided I wanted to see how much I could lose on Calorie counting alone. And shockingly I lost 4lbs! I know that's no where near what they lose on the biggest loser in one week but on calorie counting alone that's pretty radtastic! I am now 178lbs which is definitely a step in the right direction. It always feels great going from the 180s to the 170s! Even if its closer to 180 then 170. You have to celebrate your accomplishments even if its only 4lbs. This all just tells me that when I start exercising I will drop even more! My cheat day this week will be tomorrow since I will be hanging out with one of my best girlfriends tomorrow. So Saturday no matter how busy I am, I will work out! I will keep calorie counting and going in the right direction.

I have a few tips for all of you who read this.

*If you eat bagels make sure your eating the thin bagels that are 110 calories. They are super yummy and your not getting all those unnecessary carbs and calories that the normal bagels have. Bagels are really bad for you. Also if get the whipped cream cheese it actually tastes really good and it is almost equivalent to getting the fat free or low fat cream cheese. I am guessing because its whipped up and spread out more. Plus it is easier to spread. Also the buns that are a 100 calories you can use for sandwiches or burgers. Although I don't recommend burgers! lol

*As I said on Twitter, DANCE! Dance while you clean. Cleaning burns calories. If you don't have time to work out think of cleaning as your workout. Play music! Dance! Try to make cleaning more fun. You get your housework done and you burn calories at the same time!

*Make sure your timing how long your sitting down watching tv and are on the computer. I only give myself 2 hrs a day. If you sit at your job see if they will let you bring in a stability ball to use instead of a chair if not then when you get home don't sit down the rest of the day until about 3 hours after your done with dinner. Make sure you get up and are moving around after you eat. If your a twitter addict like me then walk around then check twitter, if you have a phone or iPad carry it around and pace back and forth.

*If its not raining try to go on a walk after dinner. Its super good for you!

*If you have kids try to get them to exercise with you. If they grow up with good eating and exercising habits then they will become healthy adults and they will pass it down to there kids. Bad habits started somewhere in the family. Be the one to stop the cycle!

*Keep drinking that water! Try to drink about 8-10 8oz glasses of water a day!

*If you drink juice make sure your only drinking about an 8oz glass a day! And make sure your calorie counting it! Juice is full of sugar! Even pure juice has natural sugars. I drink a glass of grapefruit juice everyday because I love the tartness of it. Plus grapefruit is super good for you! But I only drink one glass. Since I can't have pop its the only super tasty drink I get to have other than ice tea.

*if your not losing any weight you may want to talk to your doctor. Also I am not a doctor so don't take everything I say as gold. I am just giving you all the advise that has worked for me and several things that have worked for my brother. Also stuff I have read in the magazine for women First. Love that magazine!

*When reading the back of labels make sure you look at the serving size and not just the calories. I was looking for healthy chips the other day and realized a lot of the healthy stuff isn't really that healthy. Yay I can eat one more chip and it doesn't taste as good! Boo! If your going to have something bad in the day make sure you only have one serving. And count it!

*Lastly don't ever get down on yourself if your not losing what you want. If your not losing adjust your diet even more. Make sure your drinking lots of water! And keep moving! On that note I need to get my butt off of this chair!

I will be reading your blogs later tonight so I hope your keeping up on them better than I am. You guys rock!!!!!

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  1. Good job on losing 4 pounds Amy!!! And thanks for all the tips!