Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Studio!!!!

Today has been an amazing day! My life long dream of having a Photography/Art studio has finally become a reality! I get contacted about doing photo shoots all the time and have had to turn a lot down due to living in a state that rains all the time. I had a studio in my house for a while but it became to difficult to do. This is definitely an amazing example of Big Steppin! I now have a place to take pictures, paint and sell things I make.

This will also be the first place that you can go and purchase some of my brothers merchandise. I will be selling his postcards and other stuff. If the shirts sell then he will send me more. If you are within driving distance this will be your chance to get his stuff without paying shipping.

I am a big believer in shopping locally and I hope people come to my studio to buy gifts as well as booking appointments for me to take pictures. I also hope to sell my paintings as well. I finally will have a place to paint and display them! I also have experience in painting murals. I would love to be hired to paint murals in your house! If my flight and hotel is paid for I will give large discounts on the actual mural paintings done in your home or business. I will also give large discounts for bookings on weddings or family vacations if my hotel and plane ticket is paid for. I also love doing event photography!

My lifelong dream is finally coming true! I have to say a big thank you to my brother because without him none of this would have been possible. He has always believed in me and my art. I love my brother more than any sister can love a brother! I always told myself if the fame gets to him that I would just disown him as a brother and kick his not that I really could he's twice my size. But it never has. He is still my role model and one of the most important people in my life. Watching him with fans at scarefest made me love him even more. He has so much heart and cares so much about people. He truly loves his fans. He loves his family. He is an amazing man! From the time he was in high school I knew he would be famous. I always thought it would be him in some kind of comedy movie or tv show. Never thought it would be Ghost Hunting! But he even brings a lightheartedness to that! If you have ever met him you already know what I am talking about. I am the luckiest sister in the world to have him as a brother! I hope everyone gets a chance to meet him one day to see what I'm talking about.

My next few post will be about my new diet and about scarefest but I needed to write this because I am so overwhelmed with happiness right now and I think everyone should just tweet Aaron right now and tell him his sister loves him :-)

Thanks for reading! If you're new to my blog please go back and read some of my posts. Especially Digging for Worms :-)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My website!

So as most of you know my website is up! Yay! So stinkin' excited I'm like one of those little shaky dogs that pee a little when there owners come home! Not really...picturing myself doing that just unexcited me a little...I kinda get freaked out by little no haired shaky peeing dogs. There cute don't get me wrong. But a little creepy...

Anyways! This has nothing to do with dogs! If you haven't checked out my website go to if you only have access to the internet from your phone then wait till you have access to a computer. The mobile version just looks crazy when you try to go to it. My friend Monica is still working on fixing that part for me. :-) If you go to it on the ipad it looks pretty but because iPads suck at scrolling within a page it also has a hard time with my site. Still works but a little glitchy.

As some of you know I have big some plans for my business! Fun plans! Plans that will allow me to get the F bomb out of my house and travel! Meet people and take pictures!!! So as of right now I have my Hawaiian Series completed! I am also working on my Oregon Series but I still need to go to a few more areas before I release those. For my Hawaiian Series we went to the AMAZING island of Kauai! I want to go back and never leave that place again. Ever. But unless I win the lottery that won't happen! lol! I suck at gambling so my odds of winning the lottery are zero. But someday I would like to go back. Maybe even go to a different island. Although I don't know how you can beat that one! I wish I could live on a towel on Poipu beach and snorkel every single day! Okay I am getting off topic. I will be selling prints that I took while in Kauai to earn money to travel to another state! If you purchase one of my prints you get to vote where I go next. Once I get enough money for me and my hubby to get plane tickets, hotel stays, a rental car and so on then we will travel to the state that has the most votes by the time we have earned around the right amount. Kyle will be video taping our adventures and I will start a You Tube channel for our travels. I really want to meet lots of people during our trip! Also I will need help planning pretty places to take pictures! So I will be asking you for help on that! I haven't been very many places so I have no clue where to go or what to expect. We are super easy going fun loving people and we get along with everyone. Unless your mean. I don't like mean people. I do like sarcastic funny people. So that kinda mean is okay! Because that really isn't mean...its 4am so I probably am not making much sense right now...oh well.

So I am going to start selling them though my client gallery temporarily until my online store is finished. I want to get an idea of how many people might be ordering and voting. Just go to my website and click on Client Area. Then enter HawaiianSeries. If you order before April 22nd you can enter the coupon code promo10. That will get you 10% off your order. For each item you purchase that equals 1 vote. So if you purchase 5 8x10s that is 5 votes towards the state you pick. Make sure you read the Album Comments on the menu bar within the Album. There is more info about ordering in there.

I will be doing all of my ordering of prints and all of my shipping. So it could take up to 2 weeks for you to receive your prints so please be patent with me :-) If you pay by check it will take longer bec I will have to wait till it clears to process your order. No bad checks pretty please with sugar on top! It sucks getting all those fees! I will have to charge you a fee which is explained in the ordering process. Paying with paypal is so much faster. It also allows you to pay with debit or credit cards if you click the paypal option.

Anyways even if you don't plan on purchasing them at least go check them out. :-) My entire series is not on there yet but will be soon. Just wanted to give people the opportunity to get a discounted price by ordering now. Hope you enjoy my site and I hope to meet you someday! If this ends up getting big I really want to travel out of the country! I will soon be figuring out the process of selling stuff to other countries as well. Once my store is up I should know how by then.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. if you're following my weight loss journey...I gained 5lbs back...sucky mcsuckerson! Going to try out a gym next week. Hope to get that weight back off again asapple!

P.S.S. Just because I have already been to Hawaii doesn't mean you can't vote for it. Just put in Hawaii and an Island of Hawaii other than Kauai. :-)

Here are a few examples :-)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

8x10 Giveaway!!!!

Alrighty! So I won't be doing a video for the contest due to the fact that I received 16 8x10 envelopes. But that does mean that everyone that sent one in that got to me by yesterday gets one! I received 3 5x7 envelopes as well so I am assuming those people were wanting one of my 5x7's and a 4x6. :-) If you were looking forward to the video I can make a different video. Bella is pretty dang cute when she reads! lol! She could read you a book :-)

Anyways! Super excited you all sent these in to me. I will accept envelopes for another week or so for the 5x7's & 4x6's. We will totally do this again sometime soon. My secret project should be done in a few days! So excited to show you! Also very excited for everyone to see the Big Steppin skeleton I designed!!! Super Radtastic! Feel free to send letters or whatever to my PO box. I love getting mail so if you want to write me for fun I will try to write back as soon as I can :-) Several people put notes in the envelopes and I loved reading them! You all rock!

As for my weight loss journey I am in this stage of nothingness. Haven't lost anymore but haven't gained. I ate pretty crappy this weekend...Normally I am super strict on myself other than my cheat day but I just had no time to cook anything...But still no fast food! 3 months with NOTHING from fast food! I really want a nasty juicy bacon cheeseburger! But even if I let myself it would probably make me sick. I remember going a month without fast food once and I got Taco Bell and spent hours and hours in the bathroom! EWWWW! TMI! Lol! One month away from NO MEAT MAY! My husband and I came up with that. Its almost like a detox for our tummies! I always feel super good that month and when we get back to eating meat in June we cut back a LOT! Technically I think were called pespratarians? Because we still eat fish every once in a while. Probably totally wrong on the spelling and the name but its a vegetarian that eats fish. The first week we will attempt vegan again. But last time we sucked at that...I need my cheese! lol

My sleep schedule is sooooo messed up! I have been going to bed at 5am/6am and waking up noon...I get to painting and I just lose track of time! I get a lot done but I am super zombiefied the next day. Spring break is over for hubby so I will have to wake up a lot earlier. Ugh...hopefully I can fix this.

I am super excited for my website to be up! So close to being done! Once my store is up I can start selling my prints! You will also be seeing some of my artwork on Aaron's site soon ;-)

I know I am super chatty on this one but I haven't posted a blog lately because I wanted my last post to be the giveaway post. Now thats done I will attempt to write more and read yours more.

Lastly today is my brothers birthday! I just want to say a few things about him. If you have met him you already know why I say he is so awesome. He makes everyone around him happy. He has always been my role model and always believed in me and my artwork even when I didn't. Because of him I am finally taking big steps in my life and hopefully I can make a career out of doing what I love to do! I am so happy he is on TV which has made it so all of you can be a part of his life. I love him to death and am so thankful I have him as a brother!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello Again!!! Finally!

So first off I need to apologize for not being on here for the past few months. I obviously suck at blogging regularly. Plus being so busy with so much its hard to keep up with everything. So I have a few things to tell you! First off I am now 30...talking to my brother about it has helped a lot. He told me his life really started happening at 30. Now look at him! Almost 36 and rocking at life! So thats what I am keeping focused on. We are working on some amazing things right now and I am super excited to tell you. But I can't yet. But you will be seeing a lot of my artwork soon. Stuff I am working on with my brother! The first thing he will be showing at any time. Took me FOREVER to finish it but its super exciting! The next 2 projects I should have done by the end of this month!

Second weight loss journey! Still after 2 months have not had a bite of fast food. Not even a fast food salad! (those are bad anyways)...but I accidentally had pop...I know I am does a person accidentally drink pop? On one of my cheat days I went on a date with my husband and ordered a Colorado Bulldog. My favorite drink...forgetting there is a splash of coke in it. I know it is just a splash but I really made myself mad...then I realized me having pop like once a month in a mixed drink is not going to kill me. For me it felt like I cheated myself for drinking it. But I still know I have not had fast food and that is important to me. I haven't had many chances to work out. Like twice...Once at home and once going to Zumba with my friend. Zumba is SO MUCH FUN!!!! But off of calorie counting and not eating fast food and only having a splash of pop every once in a while I weighed myself I am now 173. Not what I was hoping for but just under 10lbs in 2 months isn't horrible. I will definitely be losing more soon. I will be joining a gym soon if I can find one where the people that work there aren't giant dbags and that is at a reasonable price. The next year I will be taking that big step in my life to finally focus on what I love most. Painting, art and keep doing photography. SO BADLY want to tell you what we are doing but u will find out soon.

8x10 Giveaway!

Thirdly I am doing a giveaway of some pics that I took and edited for my brother. "Father Earth" I know you all know the pic because if you have bought anything from my brothers site you probably have one. But for the first time EVER we are giving out pics signed by both of us. So cool of my brother to get them printed sign them and send them to me to sign. This will not be the only time we will do this so if you don't end up with one you will have other chances. There are only 17 out of 20 that I am giving out. My brother had the funniest idea on how to do this so this is how it will work.

Send in a pre addressed envelope with your address with about 3 stamps? I am guessing there. However many you usually put with Aarons giveaways....then put it in another envelope. It is an 8x10 so make sure an 8x10 will fit in it. Then send it to my mailing address at

Amy Trimble or Amy Goodwin
PO Box 41405
Eugene, OR 97404

You will have till April 1st to get them to me. On April 1st I will spread them all facedown on my living room floor and my 3 yr old daughter will bring me 17 of them, one at a time. I will video tape it so it will be super cute. I won't show anyones names or addresses or anything for your privacy. If you don't end up 1 of the 17 then I will send one of my 5x7 Hawaiian prints signed by me. I know not as exciting but still pretty cool. I have never posted any of these prints other than the "Birds of Paradise" one on my @ATrimblePhoto twitter. I will be selling them soon when my website is up at the end of the month. Next time my brother is in town I will print more of the Father Earth pic and do this again but they won't be numbered like these but still cool :-) Radtastic! That's better :-) I talked to him today and he will soon be sending me some of the other version I did with the vampire fangs and red eyes as well. Not sure what he is naming that one yet. All any of this will cost u is the envelope and stamps. I really wanted to do something nice for the people who follow me. You have all been so nice and I really appreciate our twitter friendship lol :-) Sounds really dorky but its true. I know I used to write back all the time but its harder with more followers. I read every single thing you write me and I smile the whole time. When I get free time I do write back to the recent posts to me. Mostly late at night because thats when I am awake and have free time. U all rock!!!

So April 1st! Just get them to me by then! That day is also the birthday of my favorite brother! Lol even if he is my only don't forget to wish him a happy birthday on that day!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week 2...

First I want to apologize for not writing very frequently...I have been crazy busy the past week. So here we go! Trying to find time to exercise when being so busy has been a major challenge for me. So I didn't. I decided I wanted to see how much I could lose on Calorie counting alone. And shockingly I lost 4lbs! I know that's no where near what they lose on the biggest loser in one week but on calorie counting alone that's pretty radtastic! I am now 178lbs which is definitely a step in the right direction. It always feels great going from the 180s to the 170s! Even if its closer to 180 then 170. You have to celebrate your accomplishments even if its only 4lbs. This all just tells me that when I start exercising I will drop even more! My cheat day this week will be tomorrow since I will be hanging out with one of my best girlfriends tomorrow. So Saturday no matter how busy I am, I will work out! I will keep calorie counting and going in the right direction.

I have a few tips for all of you who read this.

*If you eat bagels make sure your eating the thin bagels that are 110 calories. They are super yummy and your not getting all those unnecessary carbs and calories that the normal bagels have. Bagels are really bad for you. Also if get the whipped cream cheese it actually tastes really good and it is almost equivalent to getting the fat free or low fat cream cheese. I am guessing because its whipped up and spread out more. Plus it is easier to spread. Also the buns that are a 100 calories you can use for sandwiches or burgers. Although I don't recommend burgers! lol

*As I said on Twitter, DANCE! Dance while you clean. Cleaning burns calories. If you don't have time to work out think of cleaning as your workout. Play music! Dance! Try to make cleaning more fun. You get your housework done and you burn calories at the same time!

*Make sure your timing how long your sitting down watching tv and are on the computer. I only give myself 2 hrs a day. If you sit at your job see if they will let you bring in a stability ball to use instead of a chair if not then when you get home don't sit down the rest of the day until about 3 hours after your done with dinner. Make sure you get up and are moving around after you eat. If your a twitter addict like me then walk around then check twitter, if you have a phone or iPad carry it around and pace back and forth.

*If its not raining try to go on a walk after dinner. Its super good for you!

*If you have kids try to get them to exercise with you. If they grow up with good eating and exercising habits then they will become healthy adults and they will pass it down to there kids. Bad habits started somewhere in the family. Be the one to stop the cycle!

*Keep drinking that water! Try to drink about 8-10 8oz glasses of water a day!

*If you drink juice make sure your only drinking about an 8oz glass a day! And make sure your calorie counting it! Juice is full of sugar! Even pure juice has natural sugars. I drink a glass of grapefruit juice everyday because I love the tartness of it. Plus grapefruit is super good for you! But I only drink one glass. Since I can't have pop its the only super tasty drink I get to have other than ice tea.

*if your not losing any weight you may want to talk to your doctor. Also I am not a doctor so don't take everything I say as gold. I am just giving you all the advise that has worked for me and several things that have worked for my brother. Also stuff I have read in the magazine for women First. Love that magazine!

*When reading the back of labels make sure you look at the serving size and not just the calories. I was looking for healthy chips the other day and realized a lot of the healthy stuff isn't really that healthy. Yay I can eat one more chip and it doesn't taste as good! Boo! If your going to have something bad in the day make sure you only have one serving. And count it!

*Lastly don't ever get down on yourself if your not losing what you want. If your not losing adjust your diet even more. Make sure your drinking lots of water! And keep moving! On that note I need to get my butt off of this chair!

I will be reading your blogs later tonight so I hope your keeping up on them better than I am. You guys rock!!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally getting going!

So recovering from Saturday night was not fun. Sunday all I wanted was a greasy breakfast burrito! But I didn't do it. But I definitely didn't exercise...I have still been really good the past 3 days. Monday I didn't eat the best because of the Rose Bowl but I didn't have fast food or pop. And because I was eating after 7 for my friends birthday I only had a salad and 1 dirty martini. Last time I am drinking anything alcoholic unless it's a birthday or my bad eating day. I know all these great secrets to losing weight but being lazy for so long has put me in this rut of not wanting to get off the couch. I always have excuses for not getting my ass in gear. I have also realized that my bad eating habits are getting passed down to my 11 year old daughter. In no way is my daughter fat. But all she wants is fast food and Dr. Pepper. She begs for it constantly. I have to start teaching her better eating habits. I have to stick with this. I always feel so tired and I just put everything off till the next day. I have done this so many times where I get to the weight I am now and then I lose 20lb and I give up. Then back up again.

I watched biggest loser last night and they said this season is the season for NO EXCUSES! Kinda motivated me a little! Kinda! Told myself I would wake up in the morning and exercise! Did I? Nope. But you know what!? I have been reading the blogs that some of my followers on twitter have showed me and that is my motivation. They know I am reading there blogs and hopefully there reading mine! I always complain that having no one to work out with is my problem. You are all working out with me! I want to be able to show results! I want to get skinny! Not sick skinny but like size 8. I look awesome as an 8. You guys are doing so awesome! Busting out exercise videos! Eating good! Cleansers! Is it weird to be super proud of people I have never met!? I got so excited that I have gotten people to blog with me! I have been embarrassed to blog anything the past 3 days because even though I have stuck to eating good and not eating fast food or drinking pop. I didn't feel super excited about it anymore. I was stoked the week before because it wasn't actually happening yet. But today is completely different! Because of people I have never met I want to get up and do something to better myself! Thank you! So here we go!

Today I will be starting with my Zumba video game on the PS3. It kicks my butt. I can only do it for a half hour before I will like I am dying. I seriously suck at all the moves but the more I do it the better I will get. Really it doesn't even matter if I can't do the moves because I am probably burning more trying to figure them out. LOL! I look ridiculous doing Zumba but I love it! I have some friends that "say" they will start doing it with me at the actual classes. But I am going to start going even if I go alone. Zumba is amazing! I have also found out that it is super addictive. Good. Because I get addicted to foods very easily and I would much rather get addicted to something good for me! I am hanging out with my friend later and we are going grocery shopping so I am going to get some healthy stuff! No more pop in this house! No more chips favorite thing to eat is chips and salsa. I love spicy salsa! I did not realize how bad the chips were for me until I was watching the biggest loser last season and they said that two enchiladas with beans and rice with chips and salsa as an appetizer is over 4000 calories! 4000 calories! Thats 3 days worth for me! Does anyone know of something you can dip into salsa that is good?! Because salsa is great for you. But the chips are horrible! This is going to suck not having chips and salsa!

Anyways, I have a tendency of getting way off topic.

I haven't gotten my measurements yet but I weighed in. I like to go by measurements because thats were you will see the best results. And pant sizes. Sometimes I just want to throw my scale because it says I have lost weight but I am still in the same pant size. Then other times it says I have lost nothing but I can fit into a size smaller than normal. I matched my scale up with my wii fit and it says its accurate.

Starting weight 182.6
I am 5'4"

Always weigh yourself at the same time of day and only do it once a week. I weighed myself last night and it said 186. You can go up and down throughout the day! (I know a better word for that but I can't spell it) So from now on I will only weigh myself on Wednesdays at 1:30pm. Unless I get on the wii fit. I will keep logging it from there. I can't use the wii fit unless my 3 year old is asleep because she is always trying to steal it from me.

So heres my plan for the rest of this week and next week.

Mondays - Cardio Max dvd from the biggest loser
Tuesday - Power Sculpt dvd from the biggest loser
Wednesday - Zumba game on PS3
Thursday - Power Sculpt dvd from the biggest loser
Friday - Zumba game on PS3
Saturday - Not a damn thing! And I am eating italian food with pasta! lol
Sunday - Walking, Walking Walking! If it rains I will walk in the mall.

I am just going to start off this crazy. I will probably pull some of these out after the next week and a half and do some serious walking. But if I don't start strong I end up quitting. I am also going to play wii fit games at night. Some of the stuff on there really works me out and it will burn off my dinners.

Also I will be drinking lots and lots of water! I LOVE LEMONS! I poor those in there and its heaven for me! Also Crystal light will help me drink more water. I keep track of my water and Calories on myfitnesspal it's an app you can get for the ipad and android phones. Probably iphones too. Its free and It helped me last time. You can even scan the barcode on foods you eat so it will calculate it for you. Or you can add your own stuff. Won't work on fruits and veggies though ;-) But you can look those up on there.

So that is my very long blog making up for the past few days! I will tell ya how I am doing tomorrow and I will also post my measurements and my before pic....

Everyone looks at pics of me and says I don't need to lose weight. They look good because it was the best pic out of 10 and I made sure my head is angled so I don't have a double chin :-) Plus I am really good with photoshop! lol! And in most of these pictures I was 20lbs less. :-)