Sunday, April 1, 2012

8x10 Giveaway!!!!

Alrighty! So I won't be doing a video for the contest due to the fact that I received 16 8x10 envelopes. But that does mean that everyone that sent one in that got to me by yesterday gets one! I received 3 5x7 envelopes as well so I am assuming those people were wanting one of my 5x7's and a 4x6. :-) If you were looking forward to the video I can make a different video. Bella is pretty dang cute when she reads! lol! She could read you a book :-)

Anyways! Super excited you all sent these in to me. I will accept envelopes for another week or so for the 5x7's & 4x6's. We will totally do this again sometime soon. My secret project should be done in a few days! So excited to show you! Also very excited for everyone to see the Big Steppin skeleton I designed!!! Super Radtastic! Feel free to send letters or whatever to my PO box. I love getting mail so if you want to write me for fun I will try to write back as soon as I can :-) Several people put notes in the envelopes and I loved reading them! You all rock!

As for my weight loss journey I am in this stage of nothingness. Haven't lost anymore but haven't gained. I ate pretty crappy this weekend...Normally I am super strict on myself other than my cheat day but I just had no time to cook anything...But still no fast food! 3 months with NOTHING from fast food! I really want a nasty juicy bacon cheeseburger! But even if I let myself it would probably make me sick. I remember going a month without fast food once and I got Taco Bell and spent hours and hours in the bathroom! EWWWW! TMI! Lol! One month away from NO MEAT MAY! My husband and I came up with that. Its almost like a detox for our tummies! I always feel super good that month and when we get back to eating meat in June we cut back a LOT! Technically I think were called pespratarians? Because we still eat fish every once in a while. Probably totally wrong on the spelling and the name but its a vegetarian that eats fish. The first week we will attempt vegan again. But last time we sucked at that...I need my cheese! lol

My sleep schedule is sooooo messed up! I have been going to bed at 5am/6am and waking up noon...I get to painting and I just lose track of time! I get a lot done but I am super zombiefied the next day. Spring break is over for hubby so I will have to wake up a lot earlier. Ugh...hopefully I can fix this.

I am super excited for my website to be up! So close to being done! Once my store is up I can start selling my prints! You will also be seeing some of my artwork on Aaron's site soon ;-)

I know I am super chatty on this one but I haven't posted a blog lately because I wanted my last post to be the giveaway post. Now thats done I will attempt to write more and read yours more.

Lastly today is my brothers birthday! I just want to say a few things about him. If you have met him you already know why I say he is so awesome. He makes everyone around him happy. He has always been my role model and always believed in me and my artwork even when I didn't. Because of him I am finally taking big steps in my life and hopefully I can make a career out of doing what I love to do! I am so happy he is on TV which has made it so all of you can be a part of his life. I love him to death and am so thankful I have him as a brother!


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  2. Amy,
    Y are are the sweetest Sister, Aaron could ever have,Aaron is so blessed to have you as a sister. And You are so blessed to have Aaron as a brother.You too have such a powerful Bond. I Loved Your Blog. And I thank Y for our friendship.