Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello Again!!! Finally!

So first off I need to apologize for not being on here for the past few months. I obviously suck at blogging regularly. Plus being so busy with so much its hard to keep up with everything. So I have a few things to tell you! First off I am now 30...talking to my brother about it has helped a lot. He told me his life really started happening at 30. Now look at him! Almost 36 and rocking at life! So thats what I am keeping focused on. We are working on some amazing things right now and I am super excited to tell you. But I can't yet. But you will be seeing a lot of my artwork soon. Stuff I am working on with my brother! The first thing he will be showing at any time. Took me FOREVER to finish it but its super exciting! The next 2 projects I should have done by the end of this month!

Second weight loss journey! Still after 2 months have not had a bite of fast food. Not even a fast food salad! (those are bad anyways)...but I accidentally had pop...I know I am does a person accidentally drink pop? On one of my cheat days I went on a date with my husband and ordered a Colorado Bulldog. My favorite drink...forgetting there is a splash of coke in it. I know it is just a splash but I really made myself mad...then I realized me having pop like once a month in a mixed drink is not going to kill me. For me it felt like I cheated myself for drinking it. But I still know I have not had fast food and that is important to me. I haven't had many chances to work out. Like twice...Once at home and once going to Zumba with my friend. Zumba is SO MUCH FUN!!!! But off of calorie counting and not eating fast food and only having a splash of pop every once in a while I weighed myself I am now 173. Not what I was hoping for but just under 10lbs in 2 months isn't horrible. I will definitely be losing more soon. I will be joining a gym soon if I can find one where the people that work there aren't giant dbags and that is at a reasonable price. The next year I will be taking that big step in my life to finally focus on what I love most. Painting, art and keep doing photography. SO BADLY want to tell you what we are doing but u will find out soon.

8x10 Giveaway!

Thirdly I am doing a giveaway of some pics that I took and edited for my brother. "Father Earth" I know you all know the pic because if you have bought anything from my brothers site you probably have one. But for the first time EVER we are giving out pics signed by both of us. So cool of my brother to get them printed sign them and send them to me to sign. This will not be the only time we will do this so if you don't end up with one you will have other chances. There are only 17 out of 20 that I am giving out. My brother had the funniest idea on how to do this so this is how it will work.

Send in a pre addressed envelope with your address with about 3 stamps? I am guessing there. However many you usually put with Aarons giveaways....then put it in another envelope. It is an 8x10 so make sure an 8x10 will fit in it. Then send it to my mailing address at

Amy Trimble or Amy Goodwin
PO Box 41405
Eugene, OR 97404

You will have till April 1st to get them to me. On April 1st I will spread them all facedown on my living room floor and my 3 yr old daughter will bring me 17 of them, one at a time. I will video tape it so it will be super cute. I won't show anyones names or addresses or anything for your privacy. If you don't end up 1 of the 17 then I will send one of my 5x7 Hawaiian prints signed by me. I know not as exciting but still pretty cool. I have never posted any of these prints other than the "Birds of Paradise" one on my @ATrimblePhoto twitter. I will be selling them soon when my website is up at the end of the month. Next time my brother is in town I will print more of the Father Earth pic and do this again but they won't be numbered like these but still cool :-) Radtastic! That's better :-) I talked to him today and he will soon be sending me some of the other version I did with the vampire fangs and red eyes as well. Not sure what he is naming that one yet. All any of this will cost u is the envelope and stamps. I really wanted to do something nice for the people who follow me. You have all been so nice and I really appreciate our twitter friendship lol :-) Sounds really dorky but its true. I know I used to write back all the time but its harder with more followers. I read every single thing you write me and I smile the whole time. When I get free time I do write back to the recent posts to me. Mostly late at night because thats when I am awake and have free time. U all rock!!!

So April 1st! Just get them to me by then! That day is also the birthday of my favorite brother! Lol even if he is my only don't forget to wish him a happy birthday on that day!