Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally getting going!

So recovering from Saturday night was not fun. Sunday all I wanted was a greasy breakfast burrito! But I didn't do it. But I definitely didn't exercise...I have still been really good the past 3 days. Monday I didn't eat the best because of the Rose Bowl but I didn't have fast food or pop. And because I was eating after 7 for my friends birthday I only had a salad and 1 dirty martini. Last time I am drinking anything alcoholic unless it's a birthday or my bad eating day. I know all these great secrets to losing weight but being lazy for so long has put me in this rut of not wanting to get off the couch. I always have excuses for not getting my ass in gear. I have also realized that my bad eating habits are getting passed down to my 11 year old daughter. In no way is my daughter fat. But all she wants is fast food and Dr. Pepper. She begs for it constantly. I have to start teaching her better eating habits. I have to stick with this. I always feel so tired and I just put everything off till the next day. I have done this so many times where I get to the weight I am now and then I lose 20lb and I give up. Then back up again.

I watched biggest loser last night and they said this season is the season for NO EXCUSES! Kinda motivated me a little! Kinda! Told myself I would wake up in the morning and exercise! Did I? Nope. But you know what!? I have been reading the blogs that some of my followers on twitter have showed me and that is my motivation. They know I am reading there blogs and hopefully there reading mine! I always complain that having no one to work out with is my problem. You are all working out with me! I want to be able to show results! I want to get skinny! Not sick skinny but like size 8. I look awesome as an 8. You guys are doing so awesome! Busting out exercise videos! Eating good! Cleansers! Is it weird to be super proud of people I have never met!? I got so excited that I have gotten people to blog with me! I have been embarrassed to blog anything the past 3 days because even though I have stuck to eating good and not eating fast food or drinking pop. I didn't feel super excited about it anymore. I was stoked the week before because it wasn't actually happening yet. But today is completely different! Because of people I have never met I want to get up and do something to better myself! Thank you! So here we go!

Today I will be starting with my Zumba video game on the PS3. It kicks my butt. I can only do it for a half hour before I will like I am dying. I seriously suck at all the moves but the more I do it the better I will get. Really it doesn't even matter if I can't do the moves because I am probably burning more trying to figure them out. LOL! I look ridiculous doing Zumba but I love it! I have some friends that "say" they will start doing it with me at the actual classes. But I am going to start going even if I go alone. Zumba is amazing! I have also found out that it is super addictive. Good. Because I get addicted to foods very easily and I would much rather get addicted to something good for me! I am hanging out with my friend later and we are going grocery shopping so I am going to get some healthy stuff! No more pop in this house! No more chips favorite thing to eat is chips and salsa. I love spicy salsa! I did not realize how bad the chips were for me until I was watching the biggest loser last season and they said that two enchiladas with beans and rice with chips and salsa as an appetizer is over 4000 calories! 4000 calories! Thats 3 days worth for me! Does anyone know of something you can dip into salsa that is good?! Because salsa is great for you. But the chips are horrible! This is going to suck not having chips and salsa!

Anyways, I have a tendency of getting way off topic.

I haven't gotten my measurements yet but I weighed in. I like to go by measurements because thats were you will see the best results. And pant sizes. Sometimes I just want to throw my scale because it says I have lost weight but I am still in the same pant size. Then other times it says I have lost nothing but I can fit into a size smaller than normal. I matched my scale up with my wii fit and it says its accurate.

Starting weight 182.6
I am 5'4"

Always weigh yourself at the same time of day and only do it once a week. I weighed myself last night and it said 186. You can go up and down throughout the day! (I know a better word for that but I can't spell it) So from now on I will only weigh myself on Wednesdays at 1:30pm. Unless I get on the wii fit. I will keep logging it from there. I can't use the wii fit unless my 3 year old is asleep because she is always trying to steal it from me.

So heres my plan for the rest of this week and next week.

Mondays - Cardio Max dvd from the biggest loser
Tuesday - Power Sculpt dvd from the biggest loser
Wednesday - Zumba game on PS3
Thursday - Power Sculpt dvd from the biggest loser
Friday - Zumba game on PS3
Saturday - Not a damn thing! And I am eating italian food with pasta! lol
Sunday - Walking, Walking Walking! If it rains I will walk in the mall.

I am just going to start off this crazy. I will probably pull some of these out after the next week and a half and do some serious walking. But if I don't start strong I end up quitting. I am also going to play wii fit games at night. Some of the stuff on there really works me out and it will burn off my dinners.

Also I will be drinking lots and lots of water! I LOVE LEMONS! I poor those in there and its heaven for me! Also Crystal light will help me drink more water. I keep track of my water and Calories on myfitnesspal it's an app you can get for the ipad and android phones. Probably iphones too. Its free and It helped me last time. You can even scan the barcode on foods you eat so it will calculate it for you. Or you can add your own stuff. Won't work on fruits and veggies though ;-) But you can look those up on there.

So that is my very long blog making up for the past few days! I will tell ya how I am doing tomorrow and I will also post my measurements and my before pic....

Everyone looks at pics of me and says I don't need to lose weight. They look good because it was the best pic out of 10 and I made sure my head is angled so I don't have a double chin :-) Plus I am really good with photoshop! lol! And in most of these pictures I was 20lbs less. :-)


  1. hey amy thinks for the blog. I acutely been thinking about losing weight also but every time I just give up. If you want more information just read my latest blog.

  2. Thanks for the comments Amy, they really helped me out today! Keep going and remember, you can do it!!

  3. I LOVE salsa too, and even though this is no substitute for eating chips and salsa, I pour salsa over salads instead of dressing. Super good for you (slather that crap on, it's not dressing!), and it can have that "taco salad" taste to it, which I personally like. As for a sub for chips, yeah there is none in my book. My new idea is "don't substitute, replace". I'll let you know how that goes lol!

  4. Chips and salsa are the best junk food and will sadly be missed :( ... for right now anyways. And it is weird getting motivation from somebody you've never met but I feel like I will let myself down if I quit now after writing about it so I have faith we can do this!!

  5. I'm not blogging about it, but i am dieting/working out! I've been at it for almost 3 years. The day my daughter was born 3 yrs ago i was 225. I'm now 155. These last 10lbs have been a bitch, but i keep trying. I want to get to 140-145.

  6. Good luck on your journey! I'm on the same one, too. And, none of my girlfriends are down to try zumba with me so I'm gonna head to Oz by myself and they'll miss out on the fun. Also, I found Biggest Loser cookbooks at TJ maxx on coburg for $5!! I grabbed one and might go back for more.

  7. Brandi! The TJ maxx on coburg rd?! I want one! I hope they still have some!

  8. i see them there all the time!! it's way better than paying almost $30 for them. and the recipes are great!

  9. Thanks for all the support, it's been really helpful! That stinks that your hubby was tempting you with cheesecake, but I've been thinking, maybe our family keeps doin things like that because they know we are strong enough to resist? Hmm... maybe. I'm glad I'm not the only one getting excited about losing weight, regardless of how much it is and 1.5 lbs is a lot for 2 days! That's awesome! I totally understand what you mean by having more energy when you don't eat fast food. I allowed myself 1 day of 'whatever' food (it was take out chinese) and I felt so crappy after!! I def think cutting out fast food was a great idea. Was looking at your weekly plan and I love your idea of having something different each day. It def keeps it from getting boring, lol. Also, since you are so into the Biggest Loser stuff, I have some of Jillians dvds (the Biggest Winner) that are just too hard on my knees (I have joint issues). If you want them, or if you have a follower that wants them, let me know. If you ever have a tough time, just remember why you are doing this and that you are wanting to get healthy for you and your daughter. We're here for ya sister! Keep going, you can do it!

  10. I would love the dvds if your not going to use them! But if you think your knees might get better you may want to keep them. I had my cheat day on Saturday and I felt super craptacular on Sunday! Its crazy how I was used to feeling like garbage. Only eating bad one day tells you how bad the food actually is! Thanks for replying!

  11. My brother told me never to give out my address even though I know your not a bad person or anything. I am going to set up post office box in a few weeks. :-)