Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My website!

So as most of you know my website is up! Yay! So stinkin' excited I'm like one of those little shaky dogs that pee a little when there owners come home! Not really...picturing myself doing that just unexcited me a little...I kinda get freaked out by little no haired shaky peeing dogs. There cute don't get me wrong. But a little creepy...

Anyways! This has nothing to do with dogs! If you haven't checked out my website go to www.amytrimblephotography.com if you only have access to the internet from your phone then wait till you have access to a computer. The mobile version just looks crazy when you try to go to it. My friend Monica is still working on fixing that part for me. :-) If you go to it on the ipad it looks pretty but because iPads suck at scrolling within a page it also has a hard time with my site. Still works but a little glitchy.

As some of you know I have big some plans for my business! Fun plans! Plans that will allow me to get the F bomb out of my house and travel! Meet people and take pictures!!! So as of right now I have my Hawaiian Series completed! I am also working on my Oregon Series but I still need to go to a few more areas before I release those. For my Hawaiian Series we went to the AMAZING island of Kauai! I want to go back and never leave that place again. Ever. But unless I win the lottery that won't happen! lol! I suck at gambling so my odds of winning the lottery are zero. But someday I would like to go back. Maybe even go to a different island. Although I don't know how you can beat that one! I wish I could live on a towel on Poipu beach and snorkel every single day! Okay I am getting off topic. I will be selling prints that I took while in Kauai to earn money to travel to another state! If you purchase one of my prints you get to vote where I go next. Once I get enough money for me and my hubby to get plane tickets, hotel stays, a rental car and so on then we will travel to the state that has the most votes by the time we have earned around the right amount. Kyle will be video taping our adventures and I will start a You Tube channel for our travels. I really want to meet lots of people during our trip! Also I will need help planning pretty places to take pictures! So I will be asking you for help on that! I haven't been very many places so I have no clue where to go or what to expect. We are super easy going fun loving people and we get along with everyone. Unless your mean. I don't like mean people. I do like sarcastic funny people. So that kinda mean is okay! Because that really isn't mean...its 4am so I probably am not making much sense right now...oh well.

So I am going to start selling them though my client gallery temporarily until my online store is finished. I want to get an idea of how many people might be ordering and voting. Just go to my website and click on Client Area. Then enter HawaiianSeries. If you order before April 22nd you can enter the coupon code promo10. That will get you 10% off your order. For each item you purchase that equals 1 vote. So if you purchase 5 8x10s that is 5 votes towards the state you pick. Make sure you read the Album Comments on the menu bar within the Album. There is more info about ordering in there.

I will be doing all of my ordering of prints and all of my shipping. So it could take up to 2 weeks for you to receive your prints so please be patent with me :-) If you pay by check it will take longer bec I will have to wait till it clears to process your order. No bad checks pretty please with sugar on top! It sucks getting all those fees! I will have to charge you a fee which is explained in the ordering process. Paying with paypal is so much faster. It also allows you to pay with debit or credit cards if you click the paypal option.

Anyways even if you don't plan on purchasing them at least go check them out. :-) My entire series is not on there yet but will be soon. Just wanted to give people the opportunity to get a discounted price by ordering now. Hope you enjoy my site and I hope to meet you someday! If this ends up getting big I really want to travel out of the country! I will soon be figuring out the process of selling stuff to other countries as well. Once my store is up I should know how by then.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. if you're following my weight loss journey...I gained 5lbs back...sucky mcsuckerson! Going to try out a gym next week. Hope to get that weight back off again asapple!

P.S.S. Just because I have already been to Hawaii doesn't mean you can't vote for it. Just put in Hawaii and an Island of Hawaii other than Kauai. :-)

Here are a few examples :-)

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