Thursday, December 29, 2011

Digging Worms

So I am going to share one of my favorite stories to tell people about my brother and I when I was a kid.

My brother and I have a pretty comical relationship. Every time our family gets together Aaron and I argue about how perfect he was as a child and how evil I was. As you can see from the pictures we were very close and nice to each other at a very young age. When I turned about 7 and he was 13 we didn't get along as well. Not anything horrible just sibling rivalry. I must admit I probably wasn't the easiest little sister to live with because of our mother always agreeing with me... But I think I was pretty damn nice to him compared to how he explains Anyways...

There were only a few times in my life that my brother was aloud to watch me while my mom and dad went somewhere. He was pretty obsessed with MTV at the time and I was obsessed with My Little Pony's. According to him he would be watching it and I would want to watch my show and I always got my way. I don't necessarily agree completely. Part of me thinks part of him enjoyed watching My Little Pony's! lol probably not but I like to think so. He does know the theme song now! So anyways he was watching me and my friend Jaimee and the second our parents left he somehow got us to go out back. Probably told us he saw a horse back there or something and we believed him. We were obsessed with horses! He then locked us out. In the rain. Without jackets. We banged on the back door and he told us if we dug up enough worms for him to go fishing with then he would let us back in. He wasn't going fishing. He wanted to watch MTV! Terd. We dug and dug and dug. We would bring the bucket to the door and he would yell I need more! This went on for about two hours until my mom called and said they were on there way home. No cell phones at that time so he knew he had a little time to try and not get ratted out. He let us back in, gave us towels and put My Little Pony's on! Can't really remember if it worked out for him but I don't remember him ever watching us again! lol! We probably told on him...As horrible as it was it is one of my favorite memories.

Our parents divorced when I was 11 and Aaron was a Junior in High School. He ended up staying with Dad and I moved with my mom to Eugene, Oregon. It was really hard being away from my brother but it actually made us closer. We still argued like siblings but we would appreciate seeing each other more.

I have several more fun stories I will add randomly on here but my main focus will be my weight loss Journey. Which I am sucking at until Sunday. I won't be eating fast food or drinking pop for a year so I am drinking pop everyday until Sunday! But just one a day so not too horrible! lol!

Anyways hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!



  1. So you never told us.. how many worms did you get? LOL miraclewhip515

  2. Aren't big brothers FUN. I have three and they did things that would make my mom shreak!

  3. Great story, Amy. I am joining the weight loss journey. I am excited to get started.

  4. Thanks for sharing your memories with us Amy. I've met Aaron several times and he is truely the sweetest, most fun person to be around.
    Good luck on your weight loss journey. I know you'll do great!